Mima Queen v. John Hepburn. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions No. 1


Mima Queen & child
John Hepburn

In the trial of this cause The Petr. by her Counsel read in evidence to the Jury the following part of Caleb Clarke's deposition (here insert to the place marked O.) & the defendant by his Counsel objected to the reading of any part of the said deposition which stated what the said deponent's mother had told him she was informed of by her Son deponent's her father Marsh Mareen Duvall

And the Court sustained the said objection & decided the same to be inadmissible to evidence and refused the same [ink] to be read in evidence to the Jury, to which opinion & refusal of the Court the Deft. Petr. by her Counsel excepts & prays this her Bill of Exceptions to be signed sealed and enrolled which are accordingly done this     day of June 1810.

N Fitzhugh (Seal)
B. Thurston (Seal)



Petrs. Exc. No. 1.

filed 26 June 1810