Ben v. Sabret Scott. Petitioner's Bill of Exceptions


Ben v. Scott.

The Petr. having offered evidence of the following facts, prayd the ct. to instruct the Jury that if they Jury believe from the evidence that the Petitioner belonged to the Deft in Virginia & resided there with him & that the Deft being a citizen of Virginia and so owning the Petitioner as a slave, in or after the year 1794 removed himself & the Petitioner into George Town in Maryland to reside there & that the Petitioner did accordingly gain a residence in George Town in said State & that after such removal & residence the deft sent him back to reside in the State of Virginia & continued him there for 12 months (the defendant still continuing a resident of George Town) in Virginia entitles the Petitioner to his freedom & the Jury must find for Petitioner. which instruction to the Court refused to give to which refusal the Petitioner excepts & this his bill of exceptions is signed sealed and enrolled.

Feb 2d. 1811

W. Cranch (seal)
N. Fitzhugh (seal)