Mary Jane Wayne v. William C. Greenleaf. Petition for Freedom


To the Honerable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia

The Petition of Mary Jane Wayne, & Joseph C. William R. Daniel & Harriet Wayne her children - respectfully represent unto your honors that your petitioners are entitled to their freedom; that they are unjustly held in bondage by one William C. Greenleaf Guardian of of children of John L. Brightwell and pray that a subpoena may issue to the said William C. Greenleaf, Guardian &c. and their rights enquired into by your Honors

Jos. H. Bradley
for Petrs


34. 111 86. 79. 58. 50.

50. Trials Octo. 1851.

Mary Jane Wayne & Children
Wm. C. Greenleaf Guadn. of the children of John L. Brightwell

Filed 20 Nov 1846.

Trials Octo. '51