Hannah Stewart v. Allison Nailor. Jury Instructions


If the Jury shall believe from the said evidence that J. L. Pickett was a citizen of Kentucky, and a being associated to a public office and in the General Government and removed to Washington for the purpose of holding said office, and without any other except intention, and did in fact remove from Washington upon the expiration of his office, then the Jury may and ought to infer that he the said Pickett did not remove here to the county of Washington with the bona fide intention of settling therein.

Given nem con Ap. 21, 1841


If the Jury believe that J L Pickett abandoned his residence in Kentucky & came to Washington with the bona fide intention of settling here & brought the petitioner with him & that he did not sell the petitioner for more than three years after [folded page] here, then she is not entitled to recover.


142 Trials
Mch 1841