Philis Butler v. Augustine Saira. Petition for Freedom


To the honorable the Judges of the Circuit court of the United States for the district of Columbia & County of Washington.

The petition of Philis Butler a negro woman humbly sheweth, That your petitioner was manumitted & set free by her late master Philip Selby, in consideration of a certain sum of money which was paid to him by a certain Augustine Saira, for which she promised to work for a certain length of time with the said Augustine, or to pay him the same. That contrary to all right & law, the said Augustine now claims your petitioner as a slave, & unlawfully detains her in servitude. Your petitioner therefore prays that this Honorable Court will take her case into consideration & summon the said Augustine into court to answer the allegations & facts above stated. And your petitioner will forever pray &c:

John Law Pets Atty



Philis Butler
Augustine Saira

petition for freedom

Mr. Brent will please to file this petition & issue subpoena thereon
John Law

filed 25th July 1808