Ex parte Nicholas Reester. Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus


To the Hon. the Judges of the United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria:

The petition of Nicholas Reister respectfully represents that he is a free man of color, and that he is now illegally confined in the jail of this county, under a committment from Adam Lynn, and held as a slave. That he has satisfactory evidence to submit to your honors that he is thus free and held illegally as aforesaid. And that in fact there is no cause whatever for his confinement and detention

He therefore prays your Honors to award him the United States writ of Habeas Corpus, to the keeper of the said jail directed, commanding him to bring before your honors th your petitioner, to submit to and receive &c

Edgar Snowden
Sol for Nicholas Reister


Nicholas Reester
Petition for Habeas Corpus


Nicholas Reester
petition for Hab Corpus

1835 Oct. 7' day
writ ordered. petitioner brought into Court & discharged &