Nace v. William T. Swann. Affidavit of Robert I. Taylor


In the case of Negroe Nace a Pauper, on a Petition for leave to sue for freedom against Wm. T. Swann To the Honorable Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia sitting at Alexandria. The subscriber assigned as counsel to the Petitioner to state his case and to report the same in [illegible] his opinion thereon to your Honors. respectfully reports. that it appears from the evidence of John Horner whose affidavit is returned herewith that the Petitioner has been imported from the State of Maryland into the Town of Alexandria within the last five years. and has remained in the said Town since the said Importation for more than one year. there is no evidence to shew that the Importation has brought himself within any of the exceptions to the law prohibiting the Importation of slaves. and from the said W. T. Swann having failed to address any such evidence before the magistrate before whom he was summoned. and having submitted to have the said negroe committed


Negroe Nance
W. T. Swann

Report & order to be entered


1817 November Term 21st day
On the petition of the Plaintiff praying for leave to sue in forma pauperis, Robt. I. Taylor is appointed as Counsel to state the petitioners claim to his freedom and report the same with his opinion thereon returned his Report, & petitioner permitted to sue for his freedom in forma pauperis

Caps. Issd.